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Sharon Eakes
Sharon Eakes


"A coach is someone who gets you to do what you don't want to do so you can be who you want to be."

— Dallas Cowboys Coach Landry

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As a Personal Coach, I help people figure out and live their dreams. As an Executive Coach, I help people move to the next level in their work, while having a great personal life. I help teams blend their talents and reach their goals effortlessly.

Here are a few of the reasons actual people have given for hiring me:


Personal Coaching:

Executive Coaching:

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Coaching Arrangements

My coaching is individualized and flexible. Most of it happens on the phone or Skype in 30-60 minute sessions. 2-4 times/month is typical at the beginning, with decreasing frequency.  Sometimes sessions are held “as needed.” I like to do an initial assessment, talking with you about your goals in coaching, sometimes using the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument, to see how you like to think and how that might impact your movement toward the goals. I may suggest expanding the goals so they benefit both you and the people in your life. I then propose a coaching plan. Call me to talk about pricing. I bill monthly and accept check, PayPal and credit cards.

Here's what Sharon's coaching clients are saying:

"There is huge power in having a skilled person like Sharon focus 100% on me. It has energized my life."

"Sharon has fresh views on things. Her coaching moves me along."

"I was overwhelmed. I'm still working hard, but I'm getting more done, and I'm not overwhelmed anymore."

"Coaching has changed my life. I used to blow up at work. Through coaching I've learned how to manage my emotions and still get results. It works at home too."

"Thanks to Sharon I have become a much better communicator."

"I was stuck. Sharon helped unstick me."

"Coaching has made me bolder. And that has increased my confidence. Things are going smoothly. It's like coaching set a snowball in motion."

"My 17 year old daughter and I were constantly at odds when I started coaching. Now we're actually friendly. Big change."

Fresh Views

To get a sense of my values, style and thinking, please see my archived Fresh Views.

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